The Illinois AG’s Suit Against Jimmy John’s On Non-Competes – What It Means For Employers

Jimmy John's, Non-Compete

The Illinois Attorney General filed suit in June 2016 against Jimmy John’s for its use of non-competes with low-wage workers. This suit – which appears to be the first of its kind – alleges Jimmy John’s use of non-competes violates Illinois law and hurts Illinois residents and businesses by limiting the pool of available workers and artificially suppressing wages.

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Not So Freak[in] Fast—Court Dismisses Challenge to Jimmy John’s Non-Compete Agreements


Jimmy John’s received less than favorable publicity in the fall of 2013 when published reports described the sandwich chain’s requirement that its sandwich-makers sign Confidentiality and Non-Competition Agreements before they could prepare your turkey sub. The agreement prohibited, in part, employees from working at food service venues which derive 10% or more of their sales from the sale of sandwiches, submarines, or wraps within a three-mile radius of any Jimmy John’s for two years after the Jimmy John’s employment ends.  Continue reading